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Our Philosophy

We believe in serving our clients with absolute integrity and objectivity and with the highest degree of professional competence.

About Our Firm

LPL Financial is an investment services and insurance firm dedicated to assisting individuals, families and small businesses in developing strategies to help achieve financial goals and reduce taxes.

Jeff Brown, Registered Principal, has been a CPA since 1987. He has a wealth of experience helping clients pursue goals and set priorities. Starting a financial investment company in 1999 was a natural fit after adding CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ to his credentials.

 “Successful planning takes time, dedication, and most importantly formation of goals, so we spend a great deal of time with each client,” says Jeff Brown. “We pride ourselves on getting to know them personally. Often we not only become their financial counselors, we become friends.”  “Small businesses are no exception,” explains Brown. “We offer a significant range of services to business owners ranging from establishing their company retirement plan to taking care of their life and health insurance and managing their market investments.”

Why Should You Choose a Financial Planner?

Financial Planners, or wealth advisors, provide essential services for their clients. As industry professionals, they are skilled at constructing personalized investment strategies and financial plans as well as identifying specific investments and executing trades.  Whether you are planning for retirement or looking to start your own business, working with a professional financial planner is a wise decision.  There is no substitute for building a long-term, collaborative relationship with your advisor.

Where can I review a financial advisor's background and professional record? 

It’s important to find someone with the right track record, credentials, and experience.  The best resource for checking your advisor’s record is at Here you can put in an advisor's name and see their work history, qualifications and any complaints or judgments (such as bankruptcy). This disclosure is required by law for any investment professionals working in the securities industry.  Additionally, if they are registered as an Investment Advisor you can view their Investment Advisory Disclosure (IAD) report.